Praying Together

Living in a fair and just society is our motive

The staff at TFA-Legal have the knowledge and confidence to provide legal advice and advocacy along with the psychological support of our team of counsellors to rectify the situation and achieve what a person lawfully deserves in the society.


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Human Rights Specialisation

Our Solicitors assist with providing honest, transparent, streamlined and affordable migration advice and representation for our clients

Our Migration Legal Services includes -

  • Understanding societal holding and personal rights

  • Values and morals that our clients bring to the society

  • Representing clients against any unfair treatment in daily lives

If you have a different matter, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss the matter in detail.

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If you have  different matter, please contact us and our team of diverse professionals will find the best solution for you

Testimonials & Awards

“TFA Team is amazing! They straight to the point but also super supportive which work really well. They had a unique perspective and are thoughtful with their feedback. I'd recommend TFA Legal” - Google

Melissa H.

Family Law Client

Law Institute Victoria