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TFA Legal strongly believes that an individual is only as good as the task they perform. But, it should be a common practice to be aware of the legal rights that come with their tasks. Our firm believes in practicing these legal rights in a professional decorum to ensure that both - Employer and Employee are benefitted while maintaining professional standards.


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Employment Law Specialisation

Our firm can help you with -

  • Employment Contract

  • Workplace Relations – Employer / Employee

  • Unfair Dismissal Applications

  • Dispute Settlement

  • Workplace Bullying / Non-Disparagement Agreement

  • Unlawful Termination

  • Fair Work Pay / Wages

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Your work should be a driving factor, not a hindrance to your life.

Testimonials & Awards

“TFA Team is amazing! They straight to the point but also super supportive which work really well. They had a unique perspective and are thoughtful with their feedback. I'd recommend TFA Legal” - Google

Melissa H.

Family Law Client

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