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TFA Legal has a unique approach to criminal law, our specialist lawyers will go to extraordinary lengths to understand your story, what has led to the crime, to clearly establish your options and the best way forward. We have outstanding Barristers with significant court experience in criminal matters ready to achieve success and minimise your consequences.


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Criminal Law Specialisation

TFA Legal has the services of very highly trained and experienced Solicitors who have years of representation of major banks and financial institutions, as well as generalist Solicitors with experience in all facets agreements drafting/reviewing contracts, negotiations, exchanges and settlements, with exceptional due diligence.

The criminal offences we represent include -

  • Drink driving

  • Drug driving

  • Other Major traffic offences

  • Drug offences

  • Fraud and Dishonesty

  • Assaults

  • Indecent assaults

  • AVO (Apprehended Violence Orders)

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Services that catered specifically for you

At TFA – Legal we realise that not everyone can afford expensive legal costs, and have developed the following options:

  •  Fixed Fee arrangements for less-serious Criminal and Traffic matters.

  •  Free First Consultation.

  •  Assistance in obtaining finance through our finance partners.

Testimonials & Awards

“TFA Team is amazing! They straight to the point but also super supportive which work really well. They had a unique perspective and are thoughtful with their feedback. I'd recommend TFA Legal” - Google

Melissa H.

Family Law Client

Law Institute Victoria